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Al Hattab
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Tel 04-3402755,050-3578894
Mobile No. 050 357 8915
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Mission Objectives
1. Produce all prerequisites for supplying and beautifying gardens and places such as outdoor landscapes, with woods and other elements of nature.

2. Utilize all the natural elements available in local environment and other natural aspects to constitute the largest biggest part of the product.

3. Innovate for developing the designs through mixing the clients’ concepts with the spirit of originality and heritage within the context and frame work of modern designs

4. Using the latest machines, technologies, and skilled manpower, as well as the modern management systems through applying the principles of comprehensive quality to shorten execution time in order to meet clients’ satisfaction.

5. Promote product awareness with all community classes; according to financial capabilities of each one, through using all tools of media and publicity.
1- Easygoing steps, and spacious ambiance,
2- Ease of mind under shades,
3- Fantastic atmosphere in attractive designs,
4- We build nest under straw.
5- Children’s property through ancestors’ legacy,
6- Ideas are delivered high on trees.
7- If wood maker is beloved, then we agree to all tastes.
8- We have built our civilization with our natural environment.
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